The Importance of Rabbit Toys

If you keep rabbits as pets, it’s highly recommended that you provide them with interactive rabbit toys ( Just like other pets like cats, dogs, and birds, rabbits also need toys to keep them entertained and busy. In order to be physically and mentally healthy, bunnies need to live in an environment wherein they can roam around, play, do things, and tinker with toys. As the pet owner, it’s your responsibility to create this environment that in many ways should imitate a rabbit’s natural habitat. Rabbits in the wild are often observed to play with things and romp around with other rabbits. This is proof that there’s a concept of play among the animals.

Best Importance of Rabbit Toys

Three Main Reasons Why Toys Matter To Rabbits

1) Toys are great for mental stimulation. A very important thing you should remember about rabbits is that they are social animals. This means that they enjoy being around other rabbits. If you are keeping a lone bunny as a pet with no one to interact with, it can get anxious or depressed. In the long term, this can cause health problems. Giving the bunny a set of toys will provide challenging activities that will keep the rabbit entertained. This is especially true if the bunny is confined within a cage. It easily gets bored if you don’t give it something to play with.

2) Toys encourages rabbits to move around and exercise. A lot of pet owners have the wrong assumption that giving their bunnies good food is the only way to keep them healthy. That’s not the case at all. You can give them nutritious and balanced diets but if they don’t exercise, their health will still suffer. Eating healthy food is not enough, you need to encourage your pets to move and exercise. A lot of the rabbit toys available today are designed to generate as much physical exertion as possible from the rabbits. These are toys that allow bunnies to climb, hop, crawl, dig, and chew.

3) Toys are effective in training rabbits not to destroy furniture and other house items. Rabbits can be very destructive. They can chew on leather sofas, tear apart wooden chairs, and ruin floor carpets. They usually do these if they have nothing else to keep them occupied. You can provide a solution to this problem by buying toys for your bunnies. Of course, this doesn’t entirely erase the problem but it helps. If a rabbit has toys to chew on, then it has lesser reasons to chew on the furniture.

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In choosing toys for your pet bunnies, you should get the ones that encourage hopping, burrowing, digging, throwing, and chewing because these are the most common activities that rabbits engage in. For chewing, you can avail of chew sticks, twigs, sticks, and small logs. For climbing, you can get wicker baskets, wooden boxes, and discarded furniture. For throwing, regular toys like plastics balls and slinkies would be nice. For digging and burrowing, a wooden box filled with hay, shredded paper, or pulverized tree bark would suffice. If you have all of these, your pet rabbit has everything it needs to be happy and entertained.